Monday, July 11, 2011

Z Is For...

Z is for the ZONE

Z is for've seen her before

Z is for ZIPPER...on my trusty old camera bag

Z is for ZEISS...a German manufacturer of fine optical equipment

Z is for ZOOM

Z is for ZIPLOC

Z is for ZERO

Well, my alphabet challenge is finished. I guess I could consider it a success...and a failure. It was a success because I did, in fact, find at least one picture for each letter of the alphabet but a failure because it didn't do what I intended to do. I thought the challenge would spur a little creativity in me but it didn't. I spent a lot of time on it but almost all of that time was spent looking for the letters and not trying to take creative photographs that had any photographs. There were a few pretty good photos but mostly they were just quick snapshots. Oh well...on to other things. For those of you that faithfully followed along, thanks for your support...that was invaluable!!


Anonymous said...

Zowsers!! You did it!! Sorry it didn't spur your creativity to the extreme...I think we all hit slumps! I'm in one but the Turkeys are keeping me going!! Darn it I will get a good photo of them, lol..sooner or later! I love all your 'Z' photos, awesome job!! I'm ready for some down and dirty beach photos, lol...of course without the sand in the camera equipment! ~Wen

Paula said...

You did a good job and I enjoyed seeing what you would come up with next letter. Thought sure there was going to be a Zebra though.

John Ownby said...

Gonna miss the alphabet series -- really enjoyed it!

shutterflycutie said...

It appears we all enjoy whatever project you are woking on. photo-holics we are, we are! Or "john-a-holics", not sure. Either way we are here to follow and praise. Look forward to all you do.