Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Is Spring Springing?

Is this a sign that Spring is around the corner? I'm not talking about the flowers, these little flowers have been around all winter...I'm talkin' about the bugs!

These little flowers are a different story...they're a pretty good indication of of an early Spring but, sometimes they get fooled!

I don't know what these have to do with Spring...I just like their look.

This shot has nothing to do with Spring. It's just a cormorant waving a greeting to a shrimp boat ; )! Really, he's just drying his feathers before he takes off to another location. The Bay shrimpers are the only ones working right now...Gulf season is closed.


Paula said...

The flower pictures would be so pretty framed. I don't know if I'm actually ready for spring though since summer is not far behind. I don't feel as if I could take another like the last one. May not have a choice.

Wendy said...

I'm beginning to think spring is here John, lets hope it's not a false spring. The blue bonnet plants are up, Michael and I spotted them yesterday. Love your photos, especially the shrimp boat. I'm having coastal withdrawls here and hoping I can drive over that way soon...I hear the beach and the waves calling my name :o)