Thursday, January 12, 2012

January Skies

I got out and about today and got to spend a couple of hours in the sunshine...well, there were lots of clouds but that only made it interesting.

Jan asked me, the other day, why I hadn't posted any shots of the behemoth be honest, since they got it built and open for business, I've kind of lost interest in it but here's a shot just to let everyone know that it's still there.

And a wider view...

As you can see, I kinda got into the panorama mode today. I love the format but I don't do many of them. I think to be appreciated, they need to be printed and hung on the wall somewhere. I think that viewing them on the computer screen just doesn't do them justice. There's a restaurant in town called "The Bakery Cafe"...they've done a lot of remodeling in the last few years but they used to have a lot of photos hanging on their walls. One of those photos was of a group of shrimp trawlers tied up at the dock...they were backed into the dock, side by side and you were looking at them head on. It was a panorama and the print occupied a large section of the wall. It was a favorite of mine and was a real pleasure to behold...gone but not forgotten.

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Paula said...

The sky pictures are so pretty and I'm sure larger they would be beautiful. I can't believe you got out today. It was cooold here but yesterday was a sunny like summer day here.