Sunday, March 18, 2012

The Hunt Continues

The neighbor's cat heard I was shooting birds so she came over to investigate.

If I can just get that lid off, I can roll in this stuff!
My flash was a little too strong in this one but I'll take it.

Half of the Rap group "Kid N Play"


It was another short session...windy and spitting rain so I decided that "tomorrow is another day"


Paula said...

Good pictures and good captions. My cat Susie doesn't ever try to catch birds. It is a good thing because they are available here. Not sure about Miss Daisy being withchild she is always hungry.

Wendy said...

I won't comment on strays and other cats around here, they don't stick around long...Love the photos, especially the 3rd photo, female cardinal, great job! Glad you got a chance to get some photos, next day or so doesn't look so good!

shutterflycutie said...

I am pretty partial to cardinals and jays...loved all of these